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Wooden Hair Comb Natural Sandalwood Comb for Beard Fold Pocket Comb Hair Brush Beard & Mustache Brush for Men peine para barba

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    Red Sandalwood Comb

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    About Wooden Beard Brush/Comb Custom Logo:

    1. We provide customized Logo, we will satisfy your require as much as possible.
    2. The minimum order quantity, 50 pieces can be ordered, the product can be multiple, but each item
    is at least 10 pieces.
    3. The price of customized , please contact our customer service . The order larger, the cost lower .
    If Any questions , feel free to contact us.

    About Comb’s Question & Answer

    Question: Is the comb really sandalwood?
    Answer: Yes, the comb is made of 100% high quality sandalwood .

    Question: Is it real Sandal Wood,how to distinguish ?
    Answer: Green sandalwood combs are mainly yellow-brown. After being exposed to air, sunlight, etc., the color will gradually turn green. It is yellow-brown in the sun, turns green when the light is dim, and turns purple when the temperature and humidity rise. The longer the real green sandalwood comb is used, the greener the color will become, and it will gradually turn into dark green. This kind of discoloration cannot be imitated by other materials. From this point, it is possible to distinguish its authenticity.

    Question: What is the floc on the surface of the comb?
    Answer: The wooden comb is wrapped in a closed film, and crystal clear flocculent crystals will form on the surface. This is because the green sandalwood is rich in organic substances, which cannot be volatilized in the film to form crystals. After the film is opened, the crystals will be Will slowly disappear. Put the green sandalwood comb in the house for about a week, and you can see white powdery things on its surface, but if you take it on your body, it will not produce and it will become brighter and brighter. Magical place. It can be seen that it is rich in nutrients, which can nourish the hair when used for combing.

    Question:What size?
    Unfold size(L*W*H):17.5*2.5*1 /6.88 *0.98 *0.39 in
    Folding size(L*W*H):10.5*2.5*1/4.13*0.98 *0.39 in

    Question: For combing hair on the head is suitable? Or just for the beard ?
    Answer:It is not only suitable for hair also suitable for beard.


    Natural hair massage comb, high toughness sandalwood comb, no more damage to the scalp, comfortable handle, moderate size, encryption comb, remove static electricity, prevent hair loss, massage the scalp, wake up hair follicles, promote hair growth.
    Create charm and start with your hair.


    Material: Sandalwood
    Unfold size(L*W*H):17.5*2.5*1 /6.88 *0.98 *0.39 in
    Folding size(L*W*H):10.5*2.5*1/4.13*0.98 *0.39 in
    Weight: 36 g
    Suitable for: beard & hair
    Package include:1 x wood comb for beard

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