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30ml Natural Grape Seed Oil, Skin Care Carrier Oil, Refreshing and Easy To Absorb Without Being Greasy

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    Product Description:
    Grape seed oil is a byproduct of white wine called “grape seed”. It is an oil obtained by pressing and refining at room temperature. Its color is beautiful and natural chartreuse. Grape seeds contain a large amount of 0PC antioxidants (antioxidant vitamin E and grape seeds), mainly present in the epidermis and seeds. 

    Red grape seeds are the main source of 0PC. After research, grape seed extract has its antioxidant effect, which is not only 20 times that of vitamin C, but also 50 times that of vitamin E. It has the ability to protect vitamins C, E, and β- The action of carotene can be quickly absorbed by the human body. Grape seed extract protects cells from oxidation, delays the aging process, and thus improves and beautifies the skin.

    For Daily Relax:
    When you use it , the smell will circle around you.You will feel relaxed and happy.

    1) Purchased essential oils need to be diluted before use.
    2) It is forbidden to use during pregnancy. Sensitive skin needs to be tested!
    3)The oil density is not the same as the water, so the 100ml oil is not 100G, basically between 80g-90g, and the various oils are not the same.
    4)It is strongly recommended that pregnant and lactating women obtain medical approval before using any new skincare products. During pregnancy, it is best to consult a doctor before using a new product.
    5)Any products or information on these pages should not replace the advice of a practicing physician. Our product is only used for beauty purposes.
    6)Before using any new skincare products, do a small patch test first.
    7)We support fuifill order via Csv &CRV’XLS sheet etc for wholesale, We promise send without any invoice, price tag,or promotion.


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