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Solid Shampoo Bar for Hair Growth Anti-Dandruff Hair Loss Moisturizing Soothing Cleansing Darkening Hair Care Vegan Shampoo Soap

R194.66 R229.05
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  • Description

    Package Included:

    1 × Cinnamon/ Seaweed/ Ginge /Mint/ Jasmine/ Lavender/ Polygonum/ Bamboo Charcoal/ Basin White/ Pink Grapefruit/ Nut/ Island Silk/ Macaroon/ Sunny Grapefruit Shampoo Bar (depend on the SKU you select)

    Brand: PURC
    Item name: Organic shampoo bar
    Suitable for: Men and Women
    Hair type: All hair types

    All-In-One Travel Shampoo

    Net WT: 60g / 1.92 fl.oz.
    Size: 5.8 x 2.3 cm
    Pure and gentle for men and woment, use also as a body soap, face soap or shave soap.
    Eco friendly, recyclable box.

    NO.1 Macaroon Shampoo

    Our most gentle Shampoo Bar keeps hair soft, shiny, and manageable without stripping hair of natural oils.

    Hair Type: Children or chemically treated hair

    Fragrance: Coconut

    Feature: Soft, shine hair

    NO.2 Sunny Grapefruit Shampoo

    Squeeze more shine from your hair with this juicy yuzu scented Shampoo Bar enriched with green tea, ginseng and meadow foam oil.

    Recommended Hair Type: All types hair

    Fragrance: Sunny Grapefruit

    NO.3 Basin White Shampoo

    Infused with Aloe Vera, vitamins C, B complex, and folic acid. It is an anti-inflammatory that relieves discomfort caused by dry scalp and hydrates hair in our signature Basin White fragrance.

    Recommended Hair Type: All types hair
    Fragrance: Basin White

    NO.4 Island Silk Shampoo

    Vitamin E infused with coconut and rich jojoba oil leaves hair shiny, silky, and smelling like island blossoms.

    Recommended Hair Type: All types hair

    Fragrance: Pink Sands (tropical citrus and florals)

    NO.5 Cinnamon THICKENING Soap

    To stimulate hair growth, encouraging hair to grow longer, thicker, and faster

    √ Anti hair falling

    √ Moisturizing

    √ Repair damaged Hair

    NO.6 Lavender Shampoo

    Nourishing Lavender conditions hair follicles while gently cleaning and moisturizing each strand.

    Recommended Hair Type: Dry or damaged hair
    Fragrance: Lavender

    1. Create lather in hands with water.
    2. Massage lather vigorously onto scalp.
    3. Rinse thoroughly.
    4. Repeat if desire.

    NO.7 Polygonum BLACK Hair Soap

    √ Anti white hair grows

    √ Soothe the nerves

    √ Nourishing

    NO.8 Jasmine SHINE Hair Soap

    √ Repair damaged hair

    √ Add a shine to dull locks

    √ Strengthen hair follicles and strands

    NO.9 Seaweed DANDRUFF Soap

    √ Enhance the scalp hair

    √ Clean and repair daily hair

    √ Anti dandruff

    NO.10 Mint OIL-CONTROL Soap

    √ Refreshing

    √ Heal headache

    √ Clean and strong weak hair

    NO.11 Bamboo Charcoal DARKEN Soap

    √ Anti-bacterial

    √ Anti white/ grey /yellow hair

    √ Adhere grease and anti-psoriasis

    NO.12 Ginger GROWTH Hair Soap

    √ Prevent hair losss

    √ Daily hair repaired

    √ Promote healthy hair growth

    √ Enhanced hair roots

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