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PURC Organic Seaweed Ginger Shampoo Bar Moisturize Smooth Hair Anti-loss Dandruff Relieve Itching Scalp Treatment Shampoo Soap

R194.24 R228.55
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  • Description

    Name: Organic Seaweed shampoo bar
    Size: 5.8 x 2.3 cm
    Net WT: 60g/1.92 fl.oz.
    Package including: 1*60 shampoo bar
    Hair type: All hair types
    Seaweed Shampoo Bar
    √ Natural ingredients
    √ Vegan and cruelty-Free
    √ No chemicals or preservatives
    √ Gentle for hair and scalp
    √ Handmade, 100% pure and gentle
    √ Anti-dandruff, repair and nourish

    FORMULA NEVER WEIGHS DOWN THE HAIR AND RINSES CLEAN without leaving behind residue that can dull
    the look of the hair or make it feel heavy.


    Aqua, sodium palm oil, glycerinum butyrospermum parkii cladosiphon okamuranus, glycyrrhiza uralensis.
    All-In-One Travel Shampoo

    A great sensitive shampoo in unisex.
    Mild to use for children and pregnant woman.
    Using wash hair or as a hand soap, body soap, shave soap and even for face soap.
    Eco friendly, recyclable box provides convenient on the go storage.

    How Long will it last?
    Depends on
    ①how often it will be used
    ②how well it will be stored
    ③the length of your hair
    ④the amount you need per shower turn

    Recommend to store the shampoo bar in a storage tin. If you follow the instructions above it last for about 40-60 shower turns.

    Apply to wet hair and gently massage into scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed.

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