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sesame paste machine peanut butter making machine rice powder grinding machine wheat flour miller tofu making machine

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    Product parameters:

    Product number:SA-125-2

    Voltage: 220V

    Power: 1.1KW

    Production:30kg / h

    Number of revolutions: 2800r/min

    Grinding wheel diameter: 125mm

    Machine size:480*320*660mm



    Food grade pc transparent material case, with white corundum grinding wheel, compared with the old style, easy to adjust the thickness, you can see the internal grinding situation, clean and not rust.

    This product can be used to grind soy milk, make bean flower, pancake, water mill dumpling, rice skin, intestinal powder, rice milk, corn cake, coarsely ground grains, chili, baby rice paste, peanut sesame sauce, etc.,Soy milk shop, intestines Powder shop, tofu shop, fast food restaurant, canteen, dessert shop is needed.


    Installation: According to the safe electri×city regulations, the machine must be grounded reliably. Connect the power supply according to the voltage on the nameplate. The power cable is not less than 4MM

    Raw materials: First understand the iron, sand, stone and other debris in the material, soak it in warm water until there is no hard heart, can be soaked in advance, the grinded pulp will be more delicate and rich. Soft hard objects can be directly dry powdered.


    Start: 1. Cover the cover, lock the wing nut at both ends, adjust the hand wheel in the thick direction, so that the two grinding discs have no connect (the wrench is stuck on the motor shaft card plate and swings left and right without block, and the swing is flexible) , remove the wrench to start the motor;

    2. After the motor is running normally, turn the handwheel in a thin direction during operation and hear the slight friction of the grinding disc. Through the housing, you can visually see the dynamic and static grinding disc. Do not adjust the fineness to make the connect too tight. Motor overload will greatly reduce work efficiency;

    3. If the machine stops in the middle of the process, the material in the machine must be cleaned during the work. After the normal operation, the material is placed. Prohibit a lot of load to boot.


    Note: Do not turn the grinding disc too tightly, which will cause:

    1. The flow of the ingredients is too narrow, and the ingredients are squeezed;

    2. The life of the grinding disc and the motor will be shortened;

    3. The card machine is easy to burn, and it is necessary to turn off the power in time;

    4. If you want to adjust to the delicate degree you like, adjust the thickness knob while put the material. If the grinding is uneven, repeated grinding will slowly become experienced.


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