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30pcs Liver Cleanse Detox Liver Lung Health Repair Prevent Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver Disease Health cure Supplement Vegan Capsule

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    【Shelf life】2 years

    【Directions】3 Capsules Once, 2 Time a Day preferably with a meal.


    1. Prevent the occurence of fatty liver

    2. Strengthen liver function, promote bile secretion & metabolism

    3. Enhance Liver detoxify & Repair the damaged liver cell

    4. To help prevent and minimize hangover symptoms

    This natural formula of herbs & antioxidants stimulates fast detoxification & regeneration for proper & effective function. Try our liver cleanse detox & repair formula.

    This herbal plant supplement for liver support fights impurities and helps a fatty liver cleanse. These supplements have premium liver pills for active women and men.

    Our liver detox supplement helps cleanse, flush & rebuild this vital organ. Maintain complete health and care with regular use and benefit the gallbladder, kidney & colon.

    Liver supplement kit to improve energy, digestion & immunity. Achieve your best health daily, fight fatty pollutants and cleanse for liver focus with these detox capsules.【Capacity】30

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